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EXO - Wolf LIVE in Japan *SHOCKING* REACTION. (What. )

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I don’t understand why fans get so triggered when they said EXO is underrated. They just didn’t know EXO. First, they are not kpop fans. Second, they are not from Asia. In Asia and to all kpop fans, EXO is not underrated. We all know how amazing this group is. But for the rest of the world, they are underrated. Because they don’t promote outside Korea, they get overshadowed by other groups who promote intensely outside. But that doesn’t mean they are less talented. Nevermind the popularity and hype, I.

Please react to exo "lightsaber" live thanks

What are you talkig about ? Think before you click!

EXO holds world record for the fastest sold out concert. they literally sold out 66.000 tickets in only 0.2 sec.Crazy right, not to mention about 1.15 millions people attempt trying to get the tickets to their concert. EXO concerts ticketing are always a battlefield, so whoever get the golden tickets.they're lucky af.

Underrated ? EXO Officially K-pop Kings and best vocal group and richest k-pop group in history 🙄

If exo was underated than my life would be a lie

They just don't know about EXO, in their country maybe that's why nobody introduced to them, but they will find more and I'm sure will be amaized.

Underrated? Maybe in the US, but definitely not in Asia. I mean their net worth is 950 Million dollars making them the richest group at this moment. Kings of pop.

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