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Новости и обновления

After 100 millions downloads of 3.0.6, VideoLAN is releasing today the VLC 3.0.7 release, focusing on numerous security fixes, improving HDR support on Windows, and Blu-ray menu support.
VideoLAN would like to thank the EU-FOSSA project from the European Commission, who funded this initiative.
More information available on the release page.

VideoLAN is happy to present the new major version of VLC for Android platforms. Featuring AV1 decoding with dav1d, Android Auto, Launcher Shortcuts, Oreo/Pie integration, Video Groups, SMBv2, and OTG drive support, but also improvements on Cast, Chromebooks and managing the audio/video libraries, this is a quite large update.

VideoLAN is releasing a new major version of libbluray: 1.1.0. It adds support for UHD menus (experimental), for more recents of Java, and improves vastly BD-J menus. This release fixes numerous small issues reported.

VideoLAN is releasing a new minor version of libdvdread, numbered 6.0.1, fixing minor DVD issues. See libdvdread page for more info.

VideoLAN is very happy to announce that VLC crossed the 3 billion downloads on our website: VLC statistics. Please note that this number is under-estimating the number of downloads of VLC.

Блоги разработчиков

VLC 3.0.6 suffers from an HTTP request injection vulnerability.[. ]

I will be giving a talk on VLC media player in cooperation with the VideoLAN foundation at the upcoming Hong Kong Open Source Conference on 14-15 June 2016. Follow the link to sign up. See you there.[. ]

VLC 3.0.7 release and EU-FOSSA We just released VLC 3.0.7, a minor update of VLC branch 3.0.x. This release is a bit special, because it has more security issues fixed than any other version of VLC. This high number of security issu[. ]

tl;dr: dav1d another fast release If you want a quick summary of this post, about our AV1 decoder: dav1d is still ready for production, and getting used more, dav1d has a speed gain of 12% on ARM64 mobile CPUs, a gain of 15%-25% on SSSE3[. ]

Социальные сети

[bigapplevideo] Ready for tomorrow? We will stream the event at https://t.co/OhyFl9eIWC and you will be able to ask questions remotely #bav2019

[venzann] Why did nobody tell me plays Amiga.MOD files natively? Damn. And C64 SID files too!

[CommitPorto] Jean-Baptiste just gave us a big lesson on how a completely distributed and unmanaged project can became a truly g… https://t.co/P0aB32XWqc

[videolan] Any _good_ documentation on how to implement correctly a Windows group policy? Or is the best way to read the Chrome source code?

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