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If you are familiar with the MTS file format and are on the lookout for a lightweight application that can seamlessly play this kind of video, look no more as MTS Player could be it.

Offering a basic set of features, the application lets you enjoy your MTS clips without the need for any codecs and without interfering with your experience in any negative way.

MTS player that sports a lightweight GUI

For users who need some context, it is worth mentioning that MTS is a clip saved in AVCHD, or Advanced Video Codec High Definition, commonly used by Panasonic, Sony, and other HD camcorders. What MTS Player can do is pretty simple as the program lets you effortlessly handle this kind of clips.

Installing the program on your system is an untroublesome task that should only take a couple of seconds. A clean GUI that groups the main features into the menus at the top of the main window should meet you.

Comes with hotkeys for playback control

As such, in order to open an MTS, M2TS, or M2T clip, you need to access the “File” menu, but you can also do this by pressing the CTRL+O key combination. One the video is playing, you can pause it by turning to the button in the bottom-left corner.

It should be said that more features you could turn to for a better experience are packed in the “Playback” menu. You can play, pause, or stop a video, increase or decrease its volume, and mute or unmute it.

Aside from that, taking a snapshot of your clip is possible, as is the case of loading a subtitle file. Regardless of the features you want to use, you should know that they can be enabled using hotkeys, which should compensate for the lack of buttons that would otherwise let you access them more quickly.

All in all, MTS Player is a simplistic application whose purpose is to play MTS files. Packing a basic set of features, the program comes with support for hotkeys and should be a handy companion especially to users who want to keep it simple.

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